Daily Archives: November 30, 2010

Kiran Stacey

This morning, the mood music coming from Cancun was that China and America were working their way through the morass of obstacles to a meaningful agreement from Cancun. A briefing yesterday by Jonathan Pershing, the head of the US delegation, and Su Wei, his Chinese counterpart, led to a host of positive headlines. Read more

Kiran Stacey

Traditional integrated, multi-national oil companies are increasingly worried about the way in which nationalised (or part-nationalised) rivals are encroaching onto their natural territory.  Read more

Fiona Harvey

Compromise, compromise, compromise – that is the watchword for the climate talks now going on in Cancun, according to the United Nations’ top climate change official, Christiana Figueres. Read more

FT Energy Source

- BP to develop Canadian oil sands – FT
- Shell wins right to seek oil off Greenland – The Times (£)
- Billionaire Fredriksen bets $2bn on rigs after BP spill – Bloomberg
- China surges ahead on clean energy investment – FT
- Cairn forced to wait on India deal until February – The Times (£)
- Blunder reveals carbon trading data – FT
- NuGeneration consortium to build UK nuclear power plant – The Telegraph
- France aims to regain nuclear position – WSJ
- Oil and gas rise with cold snap – FT
- Link between gas and oil prices weakened by Gazprom settlement – No Hot Air
- Breaking away from coal – NY Times
- BP’s asset sales should spark other majors into similar action – FT Lex
- Lufthansa to start biofuel flights – Argus
Cancun news, day two
- Coal trends still dominate climate talks – NY Times Dot Earth
- US sees progress in easing climate row with China – Reuters
- US to keep emissions goal – Reuters
- UN considers putting mirrors in space – The Telegraph
- In search of the holy grail of climate change policy – Michael Jacobs, The Guardian
- Forget the climate convention, rethink innovation – Michael Schellenberger and Ted Norhaus, WSJ
- Why Cancun matters – Michael Levi Read more