FT Energy Source Energy headlines: Gazprom signs multiple agreements

- Shell and Gazprom in oil and gas alliance – FT

- Gazprom and Vitol to start trading rainforest – The Telegraph

- Russia and Ukraine settle gas dispute – FT

- Nigerian corruption squad focuses on Shell and Halliburton – The Times (£)

- NWR’s $1.2bn Polish coal bid lapses – FT

- Pertamina drops pursuit of Medco Energi – Argus

- Green investment groups’ fury over BP’s oil sands plans – The Times (£)

- BP to suspend construction of Alaska rig for safety review – Bloomberg

- US Interior Dept to consider new fracking policy – WSJ (£)

- British MPs fire broadside over missed energy targets – The Times (£)

- Wood Group wins $875m Israeli power plant – FT

- Hopes dim on Michigan solar plant – WSJ (£)

Cancun news: day three

- America plays tough at Cancun – The Guardian

- UN talks seek to define duties of rich and poor countries – Reuters

- Canada already on track to be fossil of the year at Cancun – DeSmogBlog

- India steps up at Cancun – Michael Levi

- Let’s look beyond carbon – Tim Yeo, The Guardian