FT Energy Source Energy headlines: Cheney faces Nigerian charges

- Cheney faces Nigeria charges – FT

- Nigerian oil union on strike at Exxon unit – Bloomberg

- China considers $1.5 trillion strategic industries boost – Reuters

- Chevron selling gas field stake to Sinopec – FT

- Oil find brightens outlook for Falklands – The Times (£)

- Shell sponsors climate change exhibition – FT

- EPA marks its 40th birthday – NY Times Green blog

- API warns of chaos over new GHG permit rules – Argus

- Oil trading group Gunvor denies Putin links – FT

- Ukraine’s Firtash questioned over mafia ties – FT

- Cleantech ventures see plunge in funding – WSJ (£)

- Ocean power to wave goodbye to Aim – FT

- Snow brings fears of UK fuel shortage – FT

Cancun news: day five

- Cancun feud hits climate deal talks – FT

- EU funding offer sparks anger at Cancun – EU Observer

- China turns negotiating tables on US at stalled climate talks – Bloomberg

- Climate coalition seeks flexibility from COP16 – Argus

- Is God determined to prevent a deal? – George Monbiot, The Guardian