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In this week’s podcast: Sylvia Pfeifer talks to legal director for Addleshaw Goddard, Roger Clayson about challenges operators of new nuclear reactors face in the UK; she talks to David Blair about Opec’s meeting on Saturday in Ecuador; to Jonathan Waghorn from Investec about acquisitions and mergers in the oil and gas sectors; and to Fiona Harvey in Cancun about how the climate summit is progressing.

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Fiona Harvey

There was a minor controversy at the Cancun talks on Wednesday when the question of whether Chris Huhne, the UK energy and environment secretary, would have to return to London came up. Read more

India’s Nuclear Power Corporation is a sleepy public utility that runs 17 atomic plants not very efficiently. Last year, it made headlines for the wrong reasons, when an act of apparent sabotage at one plant put the whole country on high alert. Prime minister Manmohan Singh also frequently laments that Asia’s third largest economy only produces just 3 per cent of its electricity from nuclear power. Read more

Sheila McNulty

In a sign of how controversial shale drilling has become, key Republican members of Congress are questioning the Obama administration’s moves to regulate the technology that has made the US gas boom possible.  Read more

FT Energy Source

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Cancun news: day ten
- Pressure rises on climate negotiators – FT
- Heads of state, ministers to speak at talks – Argus
- Ban Ki-moon urges climate deal – Reuters
- Single, overarching pact ‘unrealistic’, former US officials say – Bloomberg
- World Bank chief to launch carbon market fund – Reuters
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