Daily Archives: December 14, 2010

Kiran Stacey

While the rest of the climate-change world went to Cancun to watch the UN just about rescue its process, HSBC sent a team of intrepid researchers to China, from where they returned with much more overtly bullish news on clean energy. Read more

FT Energy Source

Fiona Harvey talks to Sylvia Pfeifer about the implications of the Cancun negotiations Read more

FT Energy Source

- Wood Group agrees to buy PSN for $955m – FT
- Tom Hunter pockets windfall from PSN deal – The Times (£)
- UK oil services: a sector poised for consolidation – FT Lex
- US gives guidance on new deepwater drilling rules – Argus
- Canadian oil sands firms team up on tailings study – Reuters
- New backing for gas line through Asia – NY Times
- Plea for end to Khordokovsky ‘persecution’ – FT
- Nigeria may drop Cheney corruption charges – Bloomberg
- Statoil, COSL agree drilling deal despite politics – Argus
- Opec cites economic ‘risks’ in unchanged quotas – FT
- Senator seeks to cut ethanol credit to 36 cents – Reuters
- Clean heating is not impossible after all – NY Times Green blog
- Huaneng cancels $1.3bn Hong Kong listing – FT Read more