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Kiran Stacey

Energy Source will now be taking its annual Christmas break. We will be away from today (December 23rd) until January 4th. That is unless something major happens in the energy industry, in which case I promise to return promptly to my keyboard and keep you all up to date. Read more

FT Energy Source

- Rio in A$3.9bn bid for Riversdale – FT
- US says Chinese wind power fund breaks trade rules – NY Times
- Spain’s solar power subsidy cuts attacked – FT
- Japan likely to shelve carbon trading scheme – Reuters
- Areva gets €400m German wind turbine contract – WSJ (£)
- Coal shortages worsen in China – NY Times Green blog
- Gulf spill lawyers want Feinberg reined in – AP
- Trafigura readies for battle – FT
- Shell pays $10m fine to Nigerian government – Bloomberg
- Anadarko clean up sites ‘may reach 2,800′ – Bloomberg
- Dwindling supplies keep oil above $90 – FT
- EPA poised to set emission standards – Argus Read more