Daily Archives: January 6, 2011

Sheila McNulty

There may not be a big push in Congress for green energy, but the industry still has some keen supporters out there. The Empire State Buiding has become New York City’s biggest commercial buyer of 100 per cent renewable energy. No small feat. Read more

David Blair

The £8m fine imposed on National Grid on Thursday means the UK utility has achieved a dubious distinction.
In 2008, it was the subject of the largest penalty ever exacted by Ofgem, the UK regulator (£41.6m for anti-competitive metering – later reduced to £15m by the Court of Appeal). Today, National Grid added the number two spot, receiving the second-biggest fine in Ofgem’s history. Read more

Kiran Stacey

The report into the Gulf oil spill, a chapter of which was released last night, made for pretty grim reading for BP and the other companies involved. Read more

FT Energy Source

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