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Kiran Stacey

As is becoming traditional with any diplomatic visit anywhere in the world, the Nordic-Baltic summit hosted by David Cameron over the past few days has brought with it announcements of new commercial deals.
On this occasion, it is the energy expertise of the northern European countries that the UK is keen to tap. Cameron announced on Thursday that both Vatenfall and Vestas will be creating new jobs in Britain. Read more

Concerns are mounting that $100 oil prices, if hit, could be enough to dislodge the precarious global recovery — thrusting the world economy back into recession, or even worse, into another global financial crisis.
But while that is certainly a legitimate worry, there may actually be another equally pressing one rearing its ugly head too. Read more

FT Energy Source

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- ExxonMobil warns emissions will rise 25% in 20 years – The Guardian
- Mongolia makes tracks to escape neighbour – FT
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