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At least half of Libya’s oil production has been shut down in the wake of the violence wracking the country, industry executives estimate. Read more

Apart from the prospect of $220 a barrel…

Much discussion on Wednesday of whether Opec could pump more oil from the Arabian peninsula to make up for Libya going offline — so we thought these pointers from Barclays Capital’s Amrita Sen might help:

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Kiran Stacey

As the big guns of the oil industry gather in London this week for International Petroleum week, talk has been largely of two things: the effect of Middle East unrest on the oil price and how to improve its reputation, especially after Macondo. Read more

Kiran Stacey

As the oil price continues to surge, hitting $109 a barrel, the oil price movement for 2011 has begun to look very much like that in 2008, when the price ended up hitting $145, and became a contributing factor to the slump. Read more

FT Energy Source

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