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In view of the fast moving events with Japan’s nuclear crisis, this is a roundup of all the major events and stories during Monday (by 4pm UK time).

- Japanese nuclear crisis escalates – FT

- Energy markets disruped by Japan quake – FT

- Germany suspends deal prolonging nuclear plants’ life – Reuters

- GE offers help to Japan’s nuclear industry – FT

- Nuclear industry likely to reassess safety systems – WSJ

- Live Q&A with nuclear experts – The Guardian

- China: Trust us on nuclear power – FT Beyond Brics

- India: Japan earthquake raises awkward questions in nuclear debate – Beyond Brics

- US nuclear industry faces new uncertainty – NY Times

- A quick look at the US nuclear sector – FT Alphaville

And on another matter entirely:

- Saudi soldiers enter Bahrain - FT


As we reported earlier, liquefied natural gas (LNG) cargoes are being diverted to Japan to help it overcome its fuel shortages.

This, though, is having an impact on European natural gas prices — British national balancing point (NBP) prices in particular.

Kiran Stacey

An estimated one in five nuclear power plants operates in areas of significant seismic activity.

Brought to you by the World Nuclear Association, via the FT’s Orla Ryan.

Kiran Stacey

The FT’s Javier Blas has been writing about the disruption in the energy markets as a result of the Japan earthquake. Here is the current state of play with energy-related commodity prices:

Natural gas – up 7.7 per cent
Analysts predict the knock to Japan’s nuclear capacity will lead it to import more natural gas, which will drive up overall demand.

Kiran Stacey

Germany nuclear protestThe 60,000 people on the streets of Stuttgart this weekend protesting about Germany’s plans to extend the lives of ten nuclear power plants should leave the energy world in no doubt that events in Japan will have an impact on the nuclear industry everywhere.

Soon after the first explosion at the Fukushima nuclear plant on Saturday, politicians have been hurriedly backtracking on their commitments to the nuclear industry.

In the US, Senator Joe Lieberman told CBS’ Face the Nation:

I don’t want to stop the building of nuclear power plants. But I think we’ve got to kind of quietly put, quickly put, the brakes on until we can absorb what has happened in Japan as a result of the earthquake and the tsunami and then see what more, if anything, we can demand of the new power plants that are coming online.

If energy markets were ever confused, it’s now.

On the one hand the Japanese earthquake immediately implies bearishness for crude oil on account of lower demand. On the other hand it implies a hike in demand for refined products.

From another perspective completely, it also implies a huge surplus of petrochemicals which will have to make their way into the global product markets overall.

FT Energy Source

NB: Follow live coverage of the aftermath of the Japan quake and its impact on the country’s nuclear power plants here.

- New blast at Japan nuclear plant – FT

- Third reactor fails at nuclear plant – The Times (£)

- Energy markets braced for shock – FT

- Partial and full meltdowns: What’s the difference? – NY Times

- Nuclear power: Hell and high water – FT

- Radioactive releases in Japan could last months – NY Times

- Harmful nuclear radiation not expected to reach US – WSJ (£)

- Rethink looms on nuclear power – FT

- The world’s nuclear fate rests in Japan – The Guardian

- Nuclear lessons from Japan – FT

- Japan’s nuclear crisis: the causes and the risks – The Guardian

- Rolling blackouts to exclude central Tokyo – WSJ (£)

- Japan nuclear woes cast shadow on US energy policy – Bloomberg

- Germany orders safety review at nuclear plants – FT

- Nuclear safety worries spread to Europe – The Guardian

- Refinery margins poised to urge after quake – Bloomberg

- BP’s Russsia dispute to go to arbitration – FT

- Browne firm sells stake in BP’s green deal – The Times (£)

- South Korea wins rights to UAE oilfield development – Bloomberg

- Hydrogen fuel for cars comes a step closer – The Telegraph

- US solar market grows rapidly – Argus

- Poor growth takes shine off renewables – FT

- Shale revolution has audience from Algeria to Blackpool – The Telegraph

- Rising oil prices boost deepwater companies – FT

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