FT Energy Source Afternoon energy headlines: Japan special

In view of the fast moving events with Japan’s nuclear crisis, this is a roundup of all the major events and stories during Monday (by 4pm UK time).

- Japanese nuclear crisis escalates – FT

- Energy markets disruped by Japan quake – FT

- Germany suspends deal prolonging nuclear plants’ life – Reuters

- GE offers help to Japan’s nuclear industry – FT

- Nuclear industry likely to reassess safety systems – WSJ

- Live Q&A with nuclear experts – The Guardian

- China: Trust us on nuclear power – FT Beyond Brics

- India: Japan earthquake raises awkward questions in nuclear debate – Beyond Brics

- US nuclear industry faces new uncertainty – NY Times

- A quick look at the US nuclear sector – FT Alphaville

And on another matter entirely:

- Saudi soldiers enter Bahrain - FT