Energy headlines: New blast at Japan nuclear plant

NB: Follow live coverage of the aftermath of the Japan quake and its impact on the country’s nuclear power plants here.

- New blast at Japan nuclear plant – FT

- Third reactor fails at nuclear plant – The Times (£)

- Energy markets braced for shock – FT

- Partial and full meltdowns: What’s the difference? – NY Times

- Nuclear power: Hell and high water – FT

- Radioactive releases in Japan could last months – NY Times

- Harmful nuclear radiation not expected to reach US – WSJ (£)

- Rethink looms on nuclear power – FT

- The world’s nuclear fate rests in Japan – The Guardian

- Nuclear lessons from Japan – FT

- Japan’s nuclear crisis: the causes and the risks – The Guardian

- Rolling blackouts to exclude central Tokyo – WSJ (£)

- Japan nuclear woes cast shadow on US energy policy – Bloomberg

- Germany orders safety review at nuclear plants – FT

- Nuclear safety worries spread to Europe – The Guardian

- Refinery margins poised to urge after quake – Bloomberg

- BP’s Russsia dispute to go to arbitration – FT

- Browne firm sells stake in BP’s green deal – The Times (£)

- South Korea wins rights to UAE oilfield development – Bloomberg

- Hydrogen fuel for cars comes a step closer – The Telegraph

- US solar market grows rapidly – Argus

- Poor growth takes shine off renewables – FT

- Shale revolution has audience from Algeria to Blackpool – The Telegraph

- Rising oil prices boost deepwater companies – FT

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