FT Energy Source Afternoon energy headlines: Japan special

As the nuclear crisis continues to change rapidly, we are bringing you another roundup of the day’s news and views. As ever, you can follow our live coverage of events on the Rachman Blog.

- Battle to regain control at Japan N-plant – FT

- Radiation level falls but fuel rods stay dangerously hot – NY Times

- How Fukushima rates on nuclear disaster scale – The Telegraph

- Kan heaps pressure on atomic plant operator – FT

- Q&A: Radiation risks from Fukushima – The Times

- In fuel cooling pools, a dange for the long term – NY Times

- Fukushima blast shows nuclear is not the answer – Brahma Chellaney, The Guardian

- Oil futures plunge on worsening Japan fears – WSJ

- Germany shuts down seven nuclear plants – FT

Meanwhile, in the Middle East:

- Bahrain declares state of emergency – FT