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In this week’s show: We start with an update on the latest developments at Fukushima. We then look at how the explosions in Japan have affected the energy markets across the world and what the situation could mean for the future of nuclear power. Read more

The FT’s analysis page is all about nuclear power, so to accompany it we have managed to create an interactive map (using Google fusion tables), with the location of every reactor in the world. Zoom in, and click on the dots to see details. Read more

Kiran Stacey

It has been well documented that the damage to Japan’s nuclear capacity could lead to a spike in demand for liquified natural gas. but how much could the country need, and what could that do to prices? Read more

Kiran Stacey

I wrote on Monday that China and India were pressing ahead with their nuclear building programmes even in the wake of the Japan crisis. Well, no longer, at least for the moment. China has just made an announcement that could have a huge impact on the nuclear industry. Read more

FT Energy Source

You can follow live coverage of the Japanese nuclear crisis here.
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