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Kiran Stacey

Over the past week, the oil price appears to have moved in sync with events in Libya. When Gaddafi looked close to quashing the revolution, prices dropped with the expectation that Libyan oil would start flowing again. Every time the rebels have been given a boost, oil prices have gone back up.

So last Tuesday, as pro-Gaddafi forces neared Benghazi, oil dropped 3.9 per cent. But when UN Resolution 1973 was passed on Thursday, it went up 3.5 per cent. It fell again after Gaddafi announced a ceasfire, but rose as evidence came in of his attacks on rebel-held towns. Today, as markets react to the concerted bombing campaign over the weekend, oil has continued to rise, taking Brent back over $115 a barrel.

FT Energy Source

Kiran Stacey

This morning’s clampdown by the UK regulator on the country’s big six utilities was unexpectedly hard-hitting.

Apart from the news that the companies may be forced to auction up to 20 per cent of their electricity generation output, there was the harsh tone struck by the regulator’s chief executive, Alistair Buchanan. He said:

Energy companies have failed to play it straight with consumers and so Ofgem is proposing to break the stranglehold the Big Six have over the electricity market.

FT Energy Source

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FT Energy Source

You can follow live coverage of the attacks on Libya here.

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