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BP will find out on Thursday whether its proposed alliance and share swap with Russia’s state-oil champion Rosneft broke the UK oil group’s shareholder agreement with its other Russian venture TNK-BP. Read more

Socialist Venezuela has some way to go before becoming the workers’ paradise it would like to be.
Workers at state oil company PDVSA, one of the flagships of Hugo Chavez’s Bolivarian revolution, are expressing “alarm” over the fact that they may be facing lean times in their twilight years after hundreds of millions of dollars went “missing” from their pension fund, because of fraud and even Ponzi activity. Read more

FT Energy Source

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Sheila McNulty

Deepwater Horizon explosionIt turns out the reason why the blowout preventer on BP’s Macondo well failed to close was because a section of drill pipe had buckled inside the well during the accident and blocked efforts to seal it off. This is according to Det Norske Veritas, a consultancy hired by the US interior department to investigate why the blowout preventer failed.

Cameron International, the maker of the blowout preventer, responded:

The BOP was designed and tested to industry standards and customer specifications. We continue to work with the industry to ensure safe operations.

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