Energy headlines: Oil price hits new highs

- Oil prices reach sterling high – FT

- Brent crude soars in warning to chancellor – The Times

- Gabon oil strike ends – Argus

- Libyan rebels set for first crude exports – FT

- Kuwait Petroleum says oil price is too high – WSJ

- BP has no agreement to drill in Gulf of Mexico, says Salazar – Bloomberg

- BP’s alliance with Rosneft still in balance – FT

- BP chucks out beer cans to get back to basics – The Times

- Ex-BP chief in talks to set up fund – FT

- Salazar slams Transocean over bonuses – NY Times Green blog

- Transocean regrets ‘insensitive’ wording – WSJ

- Kazakhstan delays work on vast oil field – The Telegraph

- Sabic sees growth at home and abroad – FT

- Japan plant releases radioactive water into the sea – The Guardian

- Fresh Tepco woes pressure Asian stocks – FT

- Aggreko wins contract to power Japan – The Telegraph

- Sweden tries to solve nuclear storage issue – FT

- Rockhopper rises on Falklands oil estimates – The Telegraph

- World Bank to limit funding for coal-fired power stations – The Guardian

- Turbine maker warns on wind subsidies – FT

- Wind power hits a trough – WSJ

- Germany to phase out nuclear power, says deputy minister – Reuters

- Fears over nuclear loophole in energy bill – The Guardian

- GE chief defends nuclear safety – Reuters

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