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Samsung Electronics HQ March 2011When South Korea announced its “green new deal” early in 2009, it shook the world. The United Nations hailed it as an answer to the world’s woes. Korea would teach us all that low-carbon businesses could create employment.
But the UN had failed to understand Korean politics and propaganda.  Read more

Kiran Stacey

Many thanks for all your questions for Michael Bromwich, the man in charge of offshore oil permitting in the US. His answers will appear on this site on Friday, April 15th.
Next week, the person in the hotseat will be Steve Cunningham, chief executive of Landis+Gyr, the world’s biggest maker of smart meters. Read more

FT Energy Source

Kiran Stacey

- Final push for BP to save Rosneft deal – FT
- BP to seek extension on Rosneft negotiations – The Telegraph
- BP faces sanction over Rosneft stalemate – FT
- Kremlin connection fails to save BP from oligarchs – WSJ
- Tony Hayward’s TNK-BP role at risk – The Telegraph
- Dudley’s long game hits impasse – FT
- BP braced for all-out attack at AGM – The Times
- Saudi has enough oil to meet global demand, says minister – WSJ
- Statoil looks to Arctic find to boost prospects – FT
- BHP seeks to strengthen interest in Australian oil – The Times
- Shell takes stake in Chevron gas project – FT
- Klesch to buy Buncefield oil group for £2bn – The Telegraph
- UN climate agenda agreed, roadmap set for 2011 – Reuters
- EDF aims to buy out wind partners – FT
- Senators push renewables standard – Argus
- Nissan says restart problems reported in Leaf electric cars – Reuters
- Free lightbulbs land Eon in the spotlight with regulator – The Telegraph Read more