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President Dmitry Medvedev speaks with Vice Premier Igor SechinBy Catherine Belton and Stefan Wagstyl

At first glance, Igor Sechin’s abrupt departure as Rosneft chairman appears to bode badly for BP’s last-ditch bid to salvage its alliance with the Russian state controlled company.

But, it could turn out to be a clever tactical move that might yet save the deal. So complex are the political tensions surrounding the deal that the outcome remains impossible to predict. In other words, BP is still in with a chance.

Kiran Stacey

Radiation testing in JapanHow significant is it that Fukushima is now rated as a level seven nuclear accident, the highest level, and on a par with Chernobyl?

To an extent, it is not: the upgrade reflects a fresh analysis of historical radiation data rather than a worsening of the current situation. Nothing new has happened overnight to transform this from a level five accident to a level seven.

And many in the nuclear industry are understandably keen to play down the comparison with Chernobyl, which was the only other accident to reach level seven.

FT Energy Source

FT Energy Source

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