Kiran Stacey Which energy secretary will quit first?

Chris HuhneSteven ChuAmid the increasingly rancorous debate on voting reform in the UK, one of the most vociferous figures in the campaign for the alternative vote system has been the Energy Secretary Chris Huhne, architect of the electricity market reform package.

His clashes with his “no” voting Conservative cabinet colleagues has reached such intensity that some commentators are speculating about whether he could be ready to quit the government altogether.

He probably won’t – such exaggerated tension on both sides of the coalition helps both parties going into the local elections.

But amid this speculation came one very interesting snippet from Allegra Stratton in the Guardian on Thursday. She told this story:

When US energy secretary Steven Chu visited, someone who found themselves in conversation with the two energy secretaries heard Chu say he wouldn’t mind going back to academia, but Huhne couldn’t agree. He said he “loved” his job too much.

So whose position is most likely to change? Sounds like Chu could be out of the door before Huhne.

(H/T Jim Pickard of the Westminster blog)