Daily Archives: May 13, 2011

Sheila McNulty

While the lack of a coherent national energy policy is nothing new for the US, Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services says in a new report that Washington’s current inability to definitively establish long-lasting energy policies and regulations distinguishes today’s situation from earlier eras. Read more

Sir John Beddington, chief scientific adviser to the UK government, might not have realised it but his visit to Brazil this week came at a crucial time for the Brazilian ethanol market. Read more

FT Energy Source

- Oil demands flatten as prices spike – FT
- IEA: Oil’s bull run may continue – WSJ
- Prices wipe out bids to cut fuel subsidies – FT
- Subsidies give Saudis an appetite for oil – FT
- Nations race to ‘carve up’ Arctic – NY Times Green blog
- Arctic nations step up cooperation on safety and oil – Reuters
- Petronas to develop $20bn Malaysian oil hub – Bloomberg
- Senators quiz US chiefs on $2bn tax deals – FT
- Oil executives defend tax breaks – WSJ
- Japan delays Tepco quake aid plan – FT
- Tepco still on emergency footing – FT Lex
- Is Japan really winding back on nuclear? – Martin Dusinberre, The Guardian
- Disaster plan problems found at US nuclear plants – NY Times
- Enel net profit rises 14 per cent – WSJ
- LNG unit helps Repsol shrug off losses – FT
- Coal India net profit climbs 24 per cent – WSJ
- Wave scheme a splash closer – The Times Read more