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Kiran Stacey

Just as private equity houses are found to be ramping up their interest in the oil and gas sector, they are at the same time backing out of green energy and cleantech, worried about the possibility of a green bubble forming. Read more

With his party expected to win its third overall majority in general elections on June 12, Tayyip Erdogan, Turky’s prime minister, seems set on establishing his own legacy with his long-promised “crazy project” finally unveiled this week: a 50-kilometre long, 120-metre wide canal that his government plans to construct 100 km west of Istanbul between the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara. Read more

Sheila McNulty

Controversy about importing fuel from Canada’s vast oil sands has been swirling for some time. It is an issue environmentalists seized on with great hopes when President Barack Obama came into office, given his pledges to work to reduce the country’s carbon footprint and the fact that oil from tar sands, as environmentalits refer to the source, has a higher carbon intensity than that from traditional crude.

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FT Energy Source

- BP offers fresh proposals to Rosneft – FT
- BP, Rosneft still in talks – WSJ
- Rosneft to talk with other oil groups – FT
- BP’s rivals form Arctic queue – The Times
- Medvedev blames BP for Rosneft deal failure – FT
- Oil rallies as US refineries crank up operating rates – FT
- Republican plan to expand US offshore drilling blocked – Bloomberg
- Iran sets stage for tense Opec meeting – FT
- Alberta urges US to back oil pipeline – FT
- Demanding Hillary Clinton’s email – NY Times Green blog
- EU ministers call for aviation, shipping carbon price – Argus
- Doubt over meltdown dispelled – FT
- Control issues cloud nuclear power – WSJ
- Japan’s nuclear embrace is looser but not broken – FT
- US warned on vents before Japanese failure – NY Times
- UK’s nuclear reactors ‘won’t need major changes’ – The Telegraph
- Fukushima spurs scrutiny of plant design – FT
- Nuclear inspector accused of complacency – The Guardian
- EU nuclear safety talks break down: sources – Reuters
- Toshiba agrees to buy Landis+Gyr – WSJ
- Green-tech bubble worry for private equity – Reuters
- EIA finds wind growth trails natural gas and coal – Argus
- Kazakhs threaten to halt BG gas field – The Telegraph
- Cairn extends Vedanta deal deadline – WSJ Read more

In this week’s podcast: BP fails to complete its $16bn share swap with Rosneft; we look at the UK’s energy policy; and, dropping oil prices – is this a temporary blip or a long-lasting correction? We ask Deloitte analyst Dr Joseph Stanislaw, for his view of the oil market. Read more