FT Energy Source Energy headlines: Tepco reports record losses

Tepco reports record Y1,247bn loss – FT

- Japan: Tepco shareholders must cooperate – WSJ

Japan quake safety claims face scrutiny – FT

- China admits problems with Three Gorges Dam – NY Times

IEA urges Opec to increase oil production – FT

- Shell approves groundbreaking floating LNG project – WSJ

- Shell’s shale may be refined into diesel, jet fuel – Bloomberg

Oil groups go to the ends of the earth – FT

- Hayward said to plan $1.6bn oil fund IPO – Bloomberg

Ofgem safe in review of energy watchdog – The Telegraph

US business helps push up National Grid profits – FT

- Siemens must pay Areva for nuclear venture – WSJ

Huaneng Renewables revives listing plan – FT

- Spain suspends subsidies for more solar plants – Reuters

- Homeowners ‘would reject green deal’ – The Guardian

Toronto school fuel green drive – FT