Korea National Oil to buy Canadian oil group for $3.9bn
Korea competing with Asian neighbours for overseas assets (FT)

China and India join forces to resist carbon caps
Aligns effort to tackle climate change for 5 years (FT) Read more

Merkel’s return to power boosts nuclear industry
Chancellor to demand state gets share of profits (FT)

VW’s bold design to give power to the people
Carmaker starts to build miniature power generators (FT) Read more

CIC buys stake in Kazakh oil and gas group
Investment is third in natural resources in last week (FT)

US climate bill faces stiff Senate opposition
Agreement unlikely before Copenhagen summit (FT) Read more

China seeks big stake in Nigerian oil
CNOOC in talks over one-sixth of reserves (FT)

Nigeria feels pull from east and west
Beijing seeks oil, but western groups won’t roll over easily (FT) Read more

India to launch energy-efficiency trading
Also plans fuel-efficiency standards for transport sector (FT)

Veolia’s Proglio set to be new head of EDF
France hopes to nominate foreign directors to board (FT) Read more

G20 agenda hijacked by global warming
Shift reflects fears over Copenhagen (FT)

Jakarta policies reveal pitfalls of fuel subsidies
Indonesian president to open G20 talk on subject (FT) Read more

Chinese companies supplying petrol to Iran
Sales threaten US efforts at fuel embargo (FT)

China’s Hu makes energy efficiency pledge
But fails to set target on cutting emissions (FT) Read more

US-EU rift clouds climate summit
Europeans believe US lacks focus (FT)

UN climate body chief predicts praise for China
Leaders wait to hear if Hu will outline ‘carbon-intensity target’ (FT) Read more

Recession results in steep fall in emissions
IEA study cites cuts in industrial output (FT)

China expected to lead on climate change by 2020
Finding contrasts with widely held view of China (FT) Read more

Low-carbon industries come of age
Revenue beats aero and defence sectors (FT)

Global Insight: Heat rises on climate change
High hopes put Obama put in a bind (FT) Read more