Try as it might to outrun market forces, China’s decision to hike electricity prices from June 1 shows that even the mighty mandarins in Beijing cannot ignore basic laws of supply and demand. They finally flinched late on Monday, announcing a roughly 3 percent increase in power prices for non-residential users in a move to combat looming blackouts by stimulating more electricity production and discouraging consumption. Read more

In this week’s podcast: Crude oil predicted to hit $130; UK green investment bank to open early next year; US energy policy; plus, comments from Energy Source. Read more

In this week’s podcast: BP fails to complete its $16bn share swap with Rosneft; we look at the UK’s energy policy; and, dropping oil prices – is this a temporary blip or a long-lasting correction? We ask Deloitte analyst Dr Joseph Stanislaw, for his view of the oil market. Read more

In this week’s podcast: We talk to the chief economist of the International Energy Agency, Fatih Birol about dropping oil prices, cuts in Iraqi production targets and the future energy mix, post-Fukushima. Read more

In this week’s podcast: Anger over North Sea oil and gas hike; feed-in tariffs for solar; air passengers face higher prices from rising costs of jet fuel; and comments on Energy Source. Read more

BP reported a significant drop in the costs related to last year’s devastating Gulf of Mexico oil disaster in the first quarter as the UK oil group sought to rebuild its oil and gas exploration operations. Read more

In this week’s show: BP’s future – a City analyst gives his view; Rex Tillerson, head of Exxon Mobil, on nuclear power, the Middle East, and BP; and is solar energy being undermined by the UK government’s plans? Read more

Shares in Rosneft were up 1.7 per cent on Wednesday, boosted by a buyback plan that is widely seen in Russia as preparation for the state-controlled group’s planned controversial stock- swap with BP. Read more

Rosneft’s decision on Wednesday to give BP another month to try to complete their controversial cooperation plan gives everybody involved a breathing space. Read more

In this week’s podcast: We ask where can BP go if the Rosneft deal fails and what should we expect from Bob Dudley, at BP’s AGM tomorrow?; Glencore is gunning for Xstrata; and an Iraqi oil production milestone. Read more