James Fontanella-Khan

- Dot Earth: The Other Gulf Stain

- BP’s Deepwater Horizon – Oil to Stay Put; Dispersant Questions – and Open Thread

- Many questions hanging over the oil industry

- Should EPA or Congress set CO2 limits?

James Fontanella-Khan

- Move to halt BP drilling off Libya - FT

- BP to begin permanent plug of Gulf of Mexico well this week – Bloomberg

- BP questioned on use of dispersant – Upstream

- Dana and KNOC to meet for crucial bid talks – FT

- S Africans stake claims to Congolese oil - FT

James Fontanella-Khan

Judge rejects hold on drilling ban decision - FT

BP team gains a US of A leader - FT

Green group defends exec’s role on oil spill commission - The Hill

Caribbean storms may disrupt BP’s spill cleanup - Bloomberg

Temperature rises over Berlin’s nuclear tax proposals - FT

BP chief moves to assure staff that worst is over – FT

Oil majors rethink links with BP - FT

James Fontanella-Khan

Essar Energy to raise $2.5bn in London IPO (FT)

Oil could give kiss of death to recovery (FT)

UK court lifts freeze on Rosneft (WSJ)

New Hope joins takeover battle for Macarthur (FT)

Colombia oil rights to lure $1.5bn in spending (Bloomberg)

Sparks fly as China’s hunger for coal grows (FT)

Venezuela gives Chevron gas extraction go-ahead (Reuters)

Thermal coal price up 40% on annual contract (FT)

India’s Suzlon gets wind turbine supply contract (Reuters)

Italian reactor plans draw French interest (FT)

Carbon-free aircraft are no flight of fancy (FT)

Solar Impulse takes flight towards the impossible (FT)

James Fontanella-Khan

Carbon trading survives key tests (FT)

Female minister over Nigeria oil overhaul (FT)

Drought turns southern China into arid plain (Guardian)

Russian oil company may cut Iran supply (FT)

Shareholders call for ‘no’ vote on BP pay (Times)

Lex: Macarthur/Noble (FT)

Comment: Cheap energy addiction must end (FT)

Concerns over Iraq asset weigh on Heritage (FT)

Dragon Oil drops Bermuda plans (FT)

Chloride benefits from record orders (FT)

BP restarts Texas City units (Reuters)

James Fontanella-Khan

BG Group, China sign Australia’s biggest LNG deal (Bloomberg)

Cargill considers switching palm oil supplier (FT)

ConocoPhillips to halve stake in Lukoil (FT)

Lex: ConocoPhillips / Lukoil (FT)

Hydro-Quebec cancels $3bn deal (WSJ)

Reforms to help low-carbon generators (FT)

Still an appetite for Brazilian stakes (WSJ)

Schlumberger in $1bn deal for Géoservices (FT)

Green bank equity sets focus for big renewal (FT)

Environmentalist who has heard it all before (FT)

James Fontanella-Khan

Rio treads tangled path through Chinese diplomacy (FT)

Ukraine to hold gas talks with Russia (FT)

Interview: Jann Brown, Cairn Energy (FT)

BHP says trend to market-based ore pricing will stay (Bloomberg)

Venezuelan electricity crisis deepens (FT)

Green investment fund hit by delays (FT)

Engyco flotation seeks to raise up to €1bn (FT)

Carbon traders try to reply to fears (FT)

Graham says climate-change legislation may be ‘very difficult’ (Bloomberg)

James Fontanella-Khan

Arrow backs improved takeover offer (FT)

Oil India, Indian Oil said to consider raising Gulfsands offer (Bloomberg)

India wins funding for solar power drive (FT)

Fund of £2bn will back green projects (FT)

Technology helping to tame the wild financial markets (FT)

The sleight of hand over shale gas costs (FT)

Tentative deal to replace iron ore price system (FT)

James Fontanella-Khan

China taps more Saudi crude than US (FT)

Saudi oil flows east as Asian demand rises (FT)

Schlumberger to buy rival Smith for $12bn (FT)

Reliance said to raise Lyondell bid to $14.5bn (Bloomberg)

Video: Svein Richard Brandtzaeg, ceo of Norsk Hydro (FT)

Indian steel producer looks overseas (FT)

India Renuka Sugars buys 51 pct stake in Brazil’s Equipav (Reuters)

Brazilian producers of ethanol agree to merge (FT)

World’s firms cause $2.2tn of environmental damage (Guardian)

Lex: Russian IPOs (FT)

RenCap to focus on Africa (FT)

France appears to backtrack on Total (FT)

Nikko AM launches new green bond fund (FT)

Hydrogen taxi cabs to serve London by 2012 Olympics (Guardian)

The long road to an alternative-energy future (WSJ)

James Fontanella-Khan

BP deals blow to Obama fight on climate (FT)

Regulator worried by safety of reactor design (FT)

Investors back Shell’s executive pay freeze (FT)

JPMorgan to buy units from RBS Sempra (FT)

Obama in nuclear energy push (FT)

Venezuela secures $80bn oil investment (FT)

Sirius eyes oil assets worth $500m, shares rise (Reuters)

Global trade bolsters Gas Natural (FT)

ConocoPhillips, BP, Caterpillar to quit climate group (Bloomberg)

Samsung enters solar deal in California (NYT)

San Francisco’s electric cars proliferate (NYT)

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