Kate Mackenzie

Kate is FT AV’s Asia Correspondent. She joined FT Alphaville in mid-2011 after carrying out various roles in the FT’s London office since 2005: interactive editor, companies reporter, and founding editor of the FT’s Energy Source blog.

‘The golden age for refiners is over’ (The Barrel/Platts)

Stern: We need a $2,000bn ‘green stimulus’ (FT) – but climate change represents a great business and investment opportunity (The Times)

Trade wars: Will climate change measures lead to a protectionist tit-for-tat? (WSJ)

BP blamed as carbon credit prices plunge (Guardian)

Additionality: the naughty teenagers and carparks analogy (EU Energy Blog)

Make your own wireless home energy monitor, and hook it up to Twitter

US – half of US refining capacity could be affected by a strike as contract ends this weekend

UK – workers at all three of the country’s refineries walk off job over Total’s use of an Italian contractor; no sign of disruption to supplies

Nigeria - strike threatened by Feb 11 over use of a foreign firm for oil monitoring (though we’re not quite sure yet from which country Cobalt International Services hails)

Earlier this week Platt’s blog The Barrel said Nigerian grades had strengthened against Brent since Jan 5, and traders were citing Opec cuts.

Meanwhile 12 of the 32 traders and analysts surveyed by Bloomberg this week said futures prices would rise through February 6. This is the slimmest of positive sentiment, however -  the remainder of participants were equally split between further falls and remaining neutral.

Among miners, that is. Rio Tinto says it is now a possibility – just a fortnight after ruling it out unless economic conditions deteriorated.

Xstrata, who confirmed they will raise $5.9bn in  a heavily-discounted two-for-one rights offer.  Two questions:

a) why are they paying underwriters’ fees despite the heavy discount? (see Markets Live)

b) $2bn will be spend buying a Colombian coal business from Glencore, which owns 35% of Xstrata – but because they “failed to reach full agreement on an appropriate valuation”, Glencore has the opportunity to buy it back for $2.25bn “if they are able to marshal the finances” (both quotes from Mick Davis, Xstrata CEO). Does Glencore need more cash? wonders Sam Jones

WTI lower than Brent: With all the storage available at Cushing, WTI more accurately reflects what is going on in the world of crude (The Barrel/Platts)

Stimulus: The new administration neglects public transport at its peril (Gregor)

Stimulus: Several key Democratic senators are calling for more energy spending in the stimulus bill – mostly on oil security grounds (Platts)

Bush administration preparing a directive to ‘better clarify’ its claim to Arctic territory. (WSJ). Ironically, notes Environmental Capital, melting ice makes access to the region easier

UK: Hunting on lookout for more acquisitions after disposing of Gibson oilsands project

UK: RWE’s UK renewables arm reviews wind power plans amid rising costs

Germany: Renewable energy companies and bankers to meet

Australia: to reduce carbon emissions to 15% below 2000 levels by 2020; ‘Rudd blinks’ to business demands

UK: Hunting completes sale of Gibson

UK: Coastal Energy chairman resigns

Russia: Lukoil to postpone launch of ‘large international projects’

China: Implied oil demand for November down 3.5% year-on-year