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- Abu Dhabi eyes BP stake purchase – FT

- Kerry, Lieberman circulate climate plan focused on power plants – The Hill

- Cause of Alberta oil sands well blowout unclear – The Chronicle Herald

- Kazakh duty ruling rewrites oil terms – FT

- European groups spend 800m on carbon credits – FT

- Nigeria’s ‘insolvent’ state oil company needs $6.6bn – AP

- The 4th spill bill: $99.7m – Houston Chronicle [And more] Read more

Kate Mackenzie

Say what you like about biofuels; they are certainly big. Growth in biofuels supply in 2011 will be 211,000 barrels per day, according to the IEA — a similar increase as is expected from Brazilian crude oil, which is expected to show the first significant yields from its massive deepwater pre-salt reserves next year. Read more

Kate Mackenzie

Even a growing world economy isn’t enough to keep oil demand rising at ever-increasing rates, it seems. The International Energy Agency, in its latest oil market report, predicts that the increase in oil demand will slow next year to a 1.3m barrel/day increase, from a 1.8m b/d rise in 2010.  Read more

Kate Mackenzie

BP’s successful installation of the new cap means the company will begin a new pressure test today that will be used to assess the integrity of the well casing.  Read more

Kate Mackenzie

- Energy transitions, now and then

- Thunder Horse: A symbol of BP’s hubris

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Kate Mackenzie

- BP investors look to bypass claims ruling – FT

- Obama renews ban on deepwater drilling – FT

- BP shares show faith in new well cap – FT

- Energy volatility spells headache for hedge funds – FT

- South Korean industries to invest $18.5bn in clean energy projects – Bloomberg

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Kate Mackenzie

How safe are the shale gas wells that are springing up around parts of the United States? And how well will they pay off for the increasingly large investments that are going into them? Late last month I spoke to Terry Engelder, professor of geosciences at Pennsylvania State University and an expert in shale formations there, about these rather controversial aspects of shale gas, and more. Read more

Kate Mackenzie

Most predictions of supply-side problems choose either the ‘supply crunch’ or the ‘peak oil’ camp. A new paper from thinktank Chatham House and insurance market Lloyds of London says both could be an issue – one that could lead to $200 oil by 2013. Read more

Kate Mackenzie

When it comes to “openness”, publishing data and methodologies and diverting more resources into supporting FOI requests are relatively straightforward. By contrast, a fear that an off-the-cuff comment from a scientist will be misrepresented in the media is understandably the stuff of nightmares for the IPCC secretariat these days. Read more

The score is Dusters: TWO (FOGL and Desire Petroleum), Gushers: ONE (Rockhopper Exploration) in the Falklands Oil drilling campaign, for which £250m was raised via the London stock exchange. The Ocean Guardian drilling rig now returns to Rockhopper’s Ernest and Sea Lion prospects in the North Falklands basin, where the geological conditions are very different, we are told. The rig should arrive by July 20. Read more