Cancun climate talks

FT Energy Source

- Accord in danger of disintegration
- Financing: High stakes in low-carbon investments
- Energy use: Technology starts to take hold
- Water: World focus ‘needs to fall on agriculture’
- Resources: Alliances that lead to creative industrial symbiosis
- Science: Academics climb back into the ring of debate
- Fresh approaches: People power employed to detect patterns
- Geoengineering: Finding the formula to make world of difference
- Livestock: Meat eaters pose bigger threat than CO2 output
- Recycling: Goes a long way in the UK
- Adaptation: There is profit to be made from solutions Read more

Fiona Harvey

So what is happening at Cancun?
Environment ministers and government officials from around the world are gathering in Mexico to talk about climate change, and how to tackle the problem of increasing greenhouse gas emissions. Read more