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The FT published a special report on the energy industry today, taking a global look at some of the major issues facing the industry. Here are the links to the web versions of the pieces included:

- Power shifts reflect changed global reality

- Opec: Cartel’s power set to increase as stocks decline

- Big oil: Integrated majors need to reinvent themselves

- Deepwater drilling: BP’s disaster renews focus on inspections

- Climate change policy: Cancun offers slim hopes of progress

- Alternatives: Algae offer double benefit as biofuel and carbon capture

- US power inputs: Usurpers mount challenge to the ascendancy of King Coal

- Nuclear power: New dawn for a former sunset industry

- US policy: A nation in thrall to the power of oil

- Infrastructure: Clever way to cut usage and save money

- Shale gas extraction: Investors aim to profit from US experience

- Renewables: Design of subsidy systems is crucial to their success

- China: Beijing in the running to take crown for wind turbines

- Brazil: Jubilant mood as country taps fresh reserves

- Iraq: Upgrading proven reserves by over 20% is ‘big game changer’

FT Energy Source

From today, Energy Source will bring you the day’s top news stories, commentaries and blogs in one morning post entitled ‘Energy headlines’

- BP oil spill well effectively dead, says US – FT

- BP leak just a bump in the road for the oil industry – FT

- Dudley faces fight for right to drill in Gulf – Bloomberg

- BP says spill compensation rate soars – Reuters

- Gulf oil spill by numbers – LA Times

- Oil tankers show signs of new global economic slowdown – The Times (£)

- California officials question PG&E on riskiest pipelines – WSJ

- Sinochem waits patiently in Potash drama – FT

- The UN doesn’t understand climate change – Michael Levi

- A threat to California’s climate change progress – NYT Green Blog

FT Energy Source

Elsewhere this Friday

- Could carbon-absorbent foam help solve climate change?

- China and India’s coal challenge

- Small modular nuclear reactor comes one step closer

- Algeria goes unconventional

FT Energy Source

Elsewhere this Thursday:

- Q&A with the World Bank’s first clean energy tsar

- Opec’s 50th birthday: who wants cake?

- Enbridge’s quick turnaround sparks oil price fall

- Did Delaware Republican’s support for climate change legislation cost him the primary?

FT Energy Source

Elsewhere this Wednesday:

- Oil industry goes after Schwarzenegger

- The problem with Chinese clean air subsidies

- Big birthdays for Opec and Clean Air Act

- Republican ‘climate zombies’ could claim the Senate

FT Energy Source

Elsewhere this Tuesday:

- What will come first, peak resources or peak humans?

- We don’t have the resources to meet unnecessary population growth

- Where is oil production stagnating or declining?

- Be sceptical about natural gas warnings

FT Energy Source

Elsewhere this Monday:

- The sudden rise of geothermal energy

- White House rebuff to solar activists

- Special report on electric cars

- Parsing the industry reports on the BP oil spill

- Why did PG&E spend millions on politics, not pipelines?

Masa Serdarevic

Elsewhere this Friday:

- Gulf dilemma: Take BP’s payout or sue?

- What if today’s CO2-emitting devices were the last?

- For Pelosi and Markey, an oil sands mission

- Green building takes off in real estate slump

Masa Serdarevic

Elsewhere this Thursday:

- BP will find National Commission far tougher

- Who is buying Iran’s oil?

- The nearly forgotten Mariner explosion is just as bad as the BP oil spill

- A regenerative feat for solar cells

- Natural gas from shale rock promises energy revolution

Masa Serdarevic

Elsewhere this Wednesday:

- Rewarding results: how should we support the development of renewables?

- Iran and the Philippines: Mixing oil with bananas

- Fresh capital in the uranium fuel race

- Mafia cash in on EU wind farm handouts

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