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Masa Serdarevic

Elsewhere this Tuesday:

- Taming the Arctic: How to govern the spoils of climate change

- Turkey joins Europe, electrically speaking

- Asian shale investors want more

- Mexican drug cartels crippling Pemex operations in basin

- But there’s booty in a Salvadoran oil drum

Masa Serdarevic

Elsewhere this Monday:

- A voice from the next offshore oil frontier

- Saudi Arabia’s legal paradox detering investors

- Do you “go with the flow” or “stock up just in case”?

- GDF-Suez’s Mestrallet gaining scale and flexibility in natural Gas

- Coal a ‘driving factor’ in US Senate race

Masa Serdarevic

Elsewhere this Friday:

- China sustains blunt ‘you first’ message on CO2

- Facebook loses friends over coal power

- Inuit Circumpolar Council: “We are tired of being told by Greenpeace what to do and what not to do”

- German military study warns of potential energy crisis

- Heat, not smart meters, hiked bills in California, report says

Masa Serdarevic

Elsewhere this Thursday:

- Fresh air for sale in Hong Kong

- Shale’s footprint: Another dead issue?

- Iowa: The Saudi Arabia of ethanol

- Pedal power takes off as exercise produces electricity

- Jatropha: A new form of energy

Masa Serdarevic

Elsewhere this Wednesday:

- A nuclear giant moves into wind

- A greener Champagne bottle

- BP’s post-spill advertising comes at an unknown cost

- Just blowin’ in the wind

- Passions and detachment in journalism

Masa Serdarevic

Elsewhere this Tuesday:

- And you thought radiation was a problem just for nuclear plants?

- Risk-taking rises as oil rigs in Gulf drill deeper

- Ed Markey: Dangerous climate picture impossible to ignore

- How should progressives respond to the end of the Oil Age?

Masa Serdarevic

Elsewhere this Friday:

- Why our agricultural empire will fall

- China’s clean energy plan hinges on coal price

- Behind scenes of Gulf oil spill, acrimony and stress

- Preventing the next oil spill: Do consumers hold the key?

- Fifty years of OPEC: its achievements, failures and lapses

Masa Serdarevic

Elsewhere this Thursday:

- From climate science to climate activism – the sequel

- As sales fall, is the hybrid car fad over?

- Electricity crisis hits Venezuelan oil exports

- Cuba looks to cooperate on offshore safety

- The key players of the Deepwater Horizon

Masa Serdarevic

Elsewhere this Wednesday:

- The Gates path to an energy revolution

- Oil: Save it for the combine

- Will robots clean up oil spills in the future?

- Peter Tertzakian: As US economy sputters, China’s importance to oil producers grows

- Insurers paying high price for disasters

Masa Serdarevic

Elsewhere this Tuesday:

- The illusion of individual risk

- Can Africa break its ‘resource curse’?

- Rethinking how to cool the Indian Point nuclear plant

- Gulf oil spill investigators focus on who knew what and when

- Pemex and Statoil to talk Gulf

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