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Masa Serdarevic

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- How an oil supply crunch can lead to lower prices (at least for a while!)

- What the Zapatistas can teach us about the climate crisis

Energy independence in the US in 15 years?

- What’s holding biofuels back?

- US sanctions on Iran could exempt oil exports

- Interactive timeline: BP oil spill disaster

Masa Serdarevic

- So long, new deep-water drilling regulations

- The politics of dispersants

- BP’s deep-water oil spill kill : “You want to make sure it’s really dead, dead, dead

- Mexican oil industry on the defensive

- Biofuels industry’s hazy environmental footprint

- BP offers cheaper gas to appease furious consumers

- Colorado candidate warns of bicycle plot that could “could threaten our personal freedoms”

Masa Serdarevic

- Is environmentalism a luxury good?

- Big oil’s future: fewer, bigger bets

- Fire, brimstone and sympathy: the new drilling czar

- Dreaming of a nuclear dump

- Promising results from wind-to-battery project

Masa Serdarevic

- Europe and natural gas – tough choices ahead?

- Fossil fuel subsidies are 12 times support for renewables

- The first 100 days of the gulf of Mexico oil spill, animated

- Will we find the ‘black swan’ of clean energy?

- Biofuels didn’t cause grain price booms, says World Bank

James Fontanella-Khan

- Dot Earth: The Other Gulf Stain

- BP’s Deepwater Horizon – Oil to Stay Put; Dispersant Questions – and Open Thread

- Many questions hanging over the oil industry

- Should EPA or Congress set CO2 limits?

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