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Our apologies, but there will be no podcast this week.

In this week’s podcast: We discuss whether Chris Huhne’s claims for his Green Deal being the most “ambitious energy-saving plan ever put forward” are really anything more than political rhetoric. We take a look at an alternative energy source provided by the moon – tidal energy. We ask this week’s guest Tim Cornelius from tidal company Atlantis whether this really is a viable alternative to oil and gas.  Read more

We look at BP and how the company has been faring since the release of its report last week on the oil explosion of April 20. We talk to our correspondent Sheila McNulty in Houston, who has been following the fallout closely. Read more

In this week’s podcast: How BP is fairing in front of the US Coast Guard and the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management in the ongoing investigations into the cause of the oil explosion in the Gulf of Mexico on April 20. We also turn our attention to Cuba’s preparation for oil exploration in the waters off the Gulf of Mexico, just 50 miles off the US – we ask what this means for the trade embargo on the Caribbean nation. We look at the Canadian potash industry and the battle over pricing, production and marketing and lastly we discuss mining media mogul Anil Agarwal and his moves to make Vedanta the natural resources champion in India. Read more

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Here’s the FT’s Lex on BHP Billiton’s $39bn offer for Canada’s PotashCorp:

A hostile bid in fertile territory, or fertile minds getting carried away? Industrially, BHP Billiton’s $39bn offer for Canada’s PotashCorp makes some sense. Demand for potash – used to improve crop yields – is robust, and PotashCorp is the largest producer, with more than a fifth of global mineral fertiliser capacity. The key word is “producer”. Read more

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From FT’s Lex column today:

As BP nears its goal of sealing the rogue oil well in the Gulf of Mexico, the stage for the Macondo calamity could soon shift from the seabed to the courtroom. BP owns 65 per cent of the well, but has been paying 100 per cent of the cost of the response so far – $4bn in clean-up costs and $277m in claims, and counting. That has left its partners in the Macondo venture – Anadarko, with 25 per cent, and Mitsui, with 10 per cent – out of the limelight, and off the financial hook. Even as estimates of the scale of the spill are tempered, the battle over who pays for it may be about to heat up.  Read more

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