Sir John Beddington, chief scientific adviser to the UK government, might not have realised it but his visit to Brazil this week came at a crucial time for the Brazilian ethanol market. Read more

FT Energy Source

- Industry thrown into turmoil
- Companies feel effects of Macondo disaster
- Opportunities west of Shetland
- Ice thaws on Canadian oil sands projects
- Huge prize lies under pristine Arctic wilderness
- Shale extraction technology leads to oversupplied market
- Two different disasters will have profound effects on US energy policy
- UK suffers from legacy of North Sea gas abundance
- Plant power seen as only viable long-term alternative to petrol Read more

Kiran Stacey

In this week’s readers’ Q&A session, James Cameron, vice chairman of Climate Change Capital, answers your questions.
In this second post, he tackles renewable heat, biofuels and carbon regulation. Read more

Kiran Stacey

In this week’s readers’ Q&A session, Ian Simm, chief executive of Impax Asset Management, answers your questions.
Below, he discusses impediments to biofuels, EU support for Chinese renewables and gas’ future as a clean energy source. Read more

Sheila McNulty

The US Environmental Protection Agency unleashed a backlash against ethanol when it waived a limitation on selling gasoline that contains more than 10 per cent ethanol for cars with model years from 2001 through 2006.  Read more

Kiran Stacey

In this week’s readers’ Q&A session, Peter Voser, the chief executive of Shell, answers your questions.
In the second of two posts, he discusses the future of natural gas, the controversial process of “fracking” and why biofuels are the answer to powering transport.
 Read more