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Sheila McNulty

Bad news for those out there with high hopes of moving quickly to convert the world to electric vehicles.

A new report by Accenture, the consultancy, says that the large-scale rollout of plug-in electric vehicles will be hindered unless investors stimulate demand, lower the cost of public charging infrastructure and manage the impact on the grid. Those are three pretty big challenges.

The report is based on analysis of electric vehicles trials around the world – from Japan to The Netherlands to the UK.

Sheila McNulty

NRG Energy is taking a big chance with its decision to invest more than $10m to build a comprehensive electric vehicle-charging network across Houston, the energy capital of the world. Houston is such a big, sprawling city that coverage is going to have to be pretty good to make drivers feel confident enough to go out in their electric vehicles without having to be afraid of running out of juice before they can make it to the next charging station.

NRG makes it sound like the network will provide reasonable coverage. The programme it rolled out on Thursday will enable residents to obtain in-home chargers to compliment 50 charging stations in shopping centres, business districts and along all major highways from downtown to approximately 25 miles from the city center.

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