Seneca Capital

Sheila McNulty

The fight over Dynegy is not over yet. Despite joining forces to block the Blackstone group’s takeover of the US power producer late last year, Carl Icahn, the largest holder of Dynegy shares, and Seneca Capital, the second largest owner of Dynegy shares, have since parted ways. Read more

Kiran Stacey

Dynegy has cancelled its deal to sell out to Blackstone, after the proposed $4.7bn deal failed to get enough shareholder support.

Sheila McNulty has the news from HoustonRead more

Sheila McNulty

Dynegy’s decision to delay for a week the close of voting on its buyout by Blackstone indicates not quite enough shareholders are on board. If they were, the votes would have been tallied on Wednesday, as planned, and the deal completed.  Read more

Sheila McNulty

Today is D-day. D standing for Dynegy. Yes, at long last the deal that has had the power sector at the edge of its seat for months will be settled one way or the other. Read more