wind farms

Kiran Stacey

One of the major issues facing renewables developers in the UK, especially those of onshore wind farms, is fighting through local planning problems. The British public (to generalise) has never been overly keen on the sight of mammoth wind turbines cluttering the green and pleasant land. Read more

Kiran Stacey

In this week’s readers’ Q&A session, Ditlev Engel, CEO of Vestas, the world’s biggest wind turbine manufacturer, answers your questions on the future of wind power.
In the second of two parts, he talks about the inefficiencies of wind power and the impact of the recession on Vestas.  Read more

Fiona Harvey

On a recent visit to Drax, the biggest coal-fired power station in the UK, Fiona Harvey was struck by the cluster of 12 wind turbines that have sprung up just beside the water-vapour belching cooling towers. But the local peoples’ opposition to the turbines was the biggest surprise. Read more