Comment Roundup

The Guardian
Jeffrey Sachs, It’s too late to seal a global climate deal. But we need action, not Kyoto II
Simon Tisdall, Wheels fall off the Iran sanctions bandwagon

The Telegraph
Lord Mandelson, Sharing China’s confidence in the future
Simon Heffer, Was Gordon Brown’s speech at the Labour Party conference the last gasp of a charlatan?

The Independent
Hamish McRae, Fear can concentrate the mind -and bring on a ‘yes’ vote
Steve Richards, PM takes moral high ground in battle for Middle England
Robert Zoellick, China’s power grows in the slump but there is danger ahead

The Times
Editorial, Gordon Brown misses his moment
Rosemary Righter, Three pressure points to make Iran crumble

The Washington Post
Robert Kagan, The U.S. should target Iran’s instability, not it’s nukes
Harold Meyerson, Economists for an imaginary world
Michael Gerson, Would a troop surge help or hurt Afghanistan?

The New York Times
Editorial, Way behind the curb
Thomas L. Friedman, Where did ‘we’ go?

The Wall Street Journal
Holman Jenkins, Why Obama bombed on healthcare
Bret Stephens, The neocons make a comeback

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