Comment Roundup

The Washington Post
Fareed Zakaria, Obama should weigh troop level carefully and take his time

The Wall Street Journal
Gordon Crovitz, ‘Outsider trading’ and too much information
Sanford I. Weill and Judah S. Kraushaar, Six steps to revitalise the financial system
Joe Queenan, ‘Man up, Obama’ and other nonsense

The New York Times
Editorial: Obama should stop covering up painful truths
Ross Douthat, Benedict’s gambit

The Telegraph
Philip Johnston, Public services – like the NHS – should be run like no-frills airlines
George Pitcher, If gay Anglican priests object to women bishops so much, they will have to abandon their partners

The Indepedent
Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, America’s racial divide is healing faster than our own
Bruce Anderson, Let’s have more rich bankers, not fewer
Robert Fisk, Beirut’s history cannot be traced to a mere ‘heritage trail’

The Times
Libby Purves, Question Time was not perfect, but good work chaps. Commendable courage
Caitlin Moran, Nation, I implore you, don’t judge a man by his biscuit

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