Comment Roundup

The Washington Post
William Kristol, A good time to be a conservative

The Wall Street Journal
James Shinn, ‘Nato has the watches, we have the time’- the Taliban will simply wait us out
Ryan Streeter and Arthur C. Brooks, Freedom to prosper

The New York Times
David Brooks, The fatal conceit: the government has exposed itself as overconfident
Roger Cohen, On Afghanistan Britain resolves, US wavers

The Telegraph
Gerald Warner, A perfect excuse not to send Christmas cards
Mary Riddell, President Blair will be the price worth paying if he can transform Europe’s role

The Independent
Editorial: When it comes to the state, it is not the size that matters most
Simon Carr, Nothing is as it seems in the elliptical world of immigration
Steve Richards, Who will be toughest on the banks?

The Times
David Aaronovitch, It not immigration we really fear. It’s change
Ken Macdonald, Those in power tread a crooked moral line

The Guardian
George Monbiot, Making this ruthless liar EU president is a crazy plan. But I’ll be backing Blair

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