Comment Roundup

The Washington Post
Editorial: A civil rights advance
Michael Gerson, Democracy with a dose of moral clarity

The Wall Street Journal
Jeremy J. Siegel, Don’t blame Efficient Market Theory for the economic crisis
Holman Jenkins, Washington’s suicide mission
Declan Ganley, Stuck with the Lisbon Treaty and its anti-democratic formula

The New York Times
Thomas L. Friedman, On Afghanistan: instead of digging in, let’s reduce our footprint
Editorial: Microchips and monopolies

The Telegraph
Irwin Stelzer, Tony Blair would bring clout to the EU
Simon Heffer, The Tories’ plans to deal with Britain’s recession are still economically illiterate

The Independent
Hamish McRae, Prepare for a period of sullen calm
Mark Steel, This is what Blair does: he wrecks a place, then gets the job of uniting it

The Times
Anatole Kaletsky, Three cheers for the death of old economics
Phillip Collins, Progressive Tories must learn their own history

The Guardian
Simon Tisdall, Iraq’s last chapter is still not written

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