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From the FT’s comment section:
Clive Crook: Obama is dithering on Afghanistan
Wolfgang Münchau: A polite discourse on bankers and bubbles
George Soros: Do not ignore the need for financial reform
Arvind Subramanian and John Williamson: The Fund should help Brazil to tackle inflows
Editorial: Grim Britain
Editorial: Merkel gambles on tax cuts for growth
Editorial: Social cash making
Global Insight: Krishna Guha, Mixed blessing for US workplaces on output
Lex: The agenda-setting column on business and finance

From the FT’s comment section:
David Gardner: An unholy battle for the market share of our souls
Christopher Caldwell: The state and journalism
Frederick Studemann: Outside Edge – We will fight them in the speeches
Joe Leahy: Brothers in the News - Anil and Mukesh Ambani
Editorial: L’état c’est lui
Editorial: Where have all the green shoots gone?
Editorial: Pried-out prejudice
Lex: The agenda-setting column on business and finance

The Washington Post
Minky Worden, Olympic glow should not mask rights abuses
Eugene Robinson, Capping bonuses is like arresting a jaywalker
Eban Goodstein, Frank Ackerman and Kristen Sheeran, We can afford to save the planet

The Wall Street Journal
Editorial: Mervyn King’s Wisdom
Jan Boucek, The bad debt dance

The New York Times
Paul Krugman, China’s bad economic behaviour is posing a threat to global economy
Ron Chernow, Everyman’s financial meltdown
Roger Cohen, Miliband on Cameron

The Boston Globe
Editorial: Give up on Karzai

The Telegraph
Editorial, Only modernisation can save the Royal Mail
Philip Johnston, Britain’s population is booming – how many more people can we take?

The Independent
Editorial: The government has stood on the sidelines on the Royal Mail strike for too long
Matthew Norman, Of all the New Labour toadies, Jack Straw must be the worst

The Times
Editorial, The UN tribunal should summarily reject Radovan Karadzic’s delaying tactics
Sam Kiley, Do starving Africans a favour. Don’t feed them
Antonia Senior, A flawed philosophy that bolsters the BNP

The Guardian
Editorial: Questionable television -British National Party
Sunny Hundal, Nick Griffin’s great night out

From the FT’s comment section:
Martin Wolf: Why curbing finance is hard to do
Philip Stephens: Turkey turns eastwards as Europe clings to the past
Tyler Moselle: Obama must shift the debate about a troop surge
Richard Branson: Rein in Sky and offer the consumer a choice
Bruce Bartlett: Why Congress must now abolish its debt limit
Editorial: The White House versus Fox News
Editorial: Middle-class cash
Editorial: Shadowy budgets
Global Insight: Daniel Dombey, Obama’s envoys at risk of becoming a flop
Market Insight: Gillian Tett, Rally fuelled by cheap money brings a sense of foreboding
The Short View: John Authers, Chinese growth
Notebook: Jim Pickard, Gordon Brown takes the biscuit
Lex: The agenda-setting column on business and finance

The Washington Post
Editorial: Iran’s treatment of an American puts detente on ice
David Ignatius, The Waziristan campaign must be labeled “Made in Pakistan”
John B. Bellinger III, The Iran talks we should end: an outmoded US-Iran claims tribunal

The Wall Street Journal
Editorial: The cost of ‘trade- enforcement’: Beijing emulates America’s anti-dumping bad habits
Karl Rove, Obama goes wobbly on Afghanistan
Seth Lipsky, The best protection for press freedom lies in private property

The New York Times
Editorial: Mugabe vs. Zimbabwe: new elections?
Nicholas D. Kristof, Americans should remember their own history: more troops are a bad bet

The Boston Globe
Joan Fitzgerald, China leaving US behind in green energy

The Telegraph
Frank Field and Nicholas Soames, Cowardice on immigration has allowed BNP to flourish
Damian Thompson, The Vatican opens its arms to Anglicans- and tightens its grip
Edmund Conway, Mervyn King is right – the economy is changing and we’re blindfolded without a map

The Independent
Steve Richards, The enemies of democracy are very grateful for this gift: the BNP could fill a dangerous gap in the market
Robert Fisk, End of an era for Lebanon’s free press

The Times
Editorial: The BBC is right to hold NickGriffin to account on Question Time
Alice Thompson, David Cameron’s all-female shortlists are a way to boost the talent pool

The Guardian
Mark Thompson, Keeping Nick Griffin off air is a job for parliament, not the BBC
Sheila Lawlor, Regulation is killing responsibility

From the FT’s comment section:
John Gapper: Goldman should be allowed to fail
Jonathan Guthrie: Arise Mr Liquidity and Little Miss Integrity
James Lamont: Is the new altruism a means to an end?
Qin Xiao: China must keep its eyes fixed on the exit
Editorial: Testing times for bank regulators
Editorial: Fatal attraction
Editorial: An overmighty duo
Global Insight: Kevin Brown, Asean struggles to sway world opinion
Market Insight: Robert Engle, Scope remains to circumvent derivatives bill
Notebook: Robert Shrimsley, A Papal bear hug for the Anglicans
Lex: The agenda-setting column on business and finance

The Washington Post
Editorial: False analogy: take no comfort in the history of WWII deficits
Editorial: White House and Congress can still do right by the Uighurs
Harold Meyerson, Where are all the free-market champions? Not on Wall Street

The Wall Street Journal
Editorial: Time for inaction on global warming
Holman Jenkins, When bad luck is a crime

The New York Times
Editorial: Mr. Karzai relents
Thomas L. Friedman, It isn’t just the US financial system that needs a reboot and an upgrade, but also its public school system

The Telegraph
Irwin Stelzer, It’s not the money – it’s where it comes from
Simon Heffer, Tories must be wary of replacing Labour’s cronies with their own

The Independent
Editorial: The banks are heading for a crude political backlash
Johann Hari, The three fallacies that have driven the war in Afghanistan
Paddy Ashdown, Afghanistan’s future lies in strengthening its tribal structures, not in its corrupt government

The Times
Tom Coghlan, Our last chance to do right by Afghanistan
Daniel Finkelstein, Posties should know that strikes are catching

The Guardian
Richard Goldstone, Israel’s missed opportunity

From the FT’s comment section:
John Kay: True survivors do not clutch at straws
Martin Wolf: How to manage the gigantic financial cuckoo in our nest
Jurek Martin: The right to bear grudges
Daniel Yergin: A crisis in search of a narrative
Leonard Downie: American journalism needs public support
Editorial: Tigers and trade
Editorial: Hedge-trimming
Editorial: Voting twice in Afghanistan
Global Insight: Charles Clover, Mixed messages from Moscow revive the art of Kremlinology
Market Insight: Joe Quinlan, The nightmare of control
Notebook: Sue Cameron, Quangocrats seek mercy from Tories
Lex: The agenda-setting column on business and finance

The Washington Post
Richard Cohen, Obama’s identity crisis: still an undeveloped character
Anne Applebaum, Where’s the alliance in Afghanistan?

The Wall Street Journal
Charles Calomiris, In the world of banks, bigger can be better
Hugh Pope, Time runs out for cypriot solution
William McGurn, What Singapore can teach the White House about healthcare

The New York Times
Editorial: Talking to Sudan: Khartoum must be held to account for its horrors
Bob Herbert, Safety nets for the rich

The Telegraph
Geoffrey Lean, Gordon Brown saves the world from climate change (again)
Andrew Pierce, Frank Field’s a good man, but he’s got this horribly wrong
Editorial: Hamid Karzai must show he is worth fighting for

The Independent
James Moore, From inactivity to hyperactivity … the regulator’s folly
Thomas Sutcliffe, It’s time to admit flying is a luxury

The Times
Editorial: Ill windfall: a special bonus tax would set a bad precedent
Editorial: President Karzai must concede the need for a second vote

The Guardian
Polly Toynbee, Beware the zealots selling miracle cures of privitisation
Harold Evans, Judge Goldstone has been suckered into letting war criminals use his name to pillory Israel

From the FT’s comment section:
Gideon Rachman: How small nations were cut adrift
Philip Stephens: A five-step programme to save the BBC
Michael Skapinker: Brazil is the 21st-century power to watch
Jean Pisani-Ferry and Adam Posen: Why the euro is not the next global currency
Editorial: Goldstone’s Gaza report is balanced 
Editorial: A hope for Nigeria 
Editorial: Safe as houses
Global Insight: Geoff Dyer, Springing China’s forex trap
Market Insight: Christian Noyer, Infrastructure will boost CDSs
Notebook: Brian Groom, When Yorkshire boycotts Yorkshire
Lex: The agenda-setting column on business and finance

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