Comment Roundup

The Times
Jo Tatchell, Enough glitzy debt: time for regime change
Michael Gove, Tiger and me – driving into trouble

The Guardian
Tim Luckhurst, Why journalism needs paywalls
Tariq Ramadan, My compatriots’ vote to ban monarets is fuelled by fear

The Telegraph
John Cassidy, Banks must pay for market failure
George Pitcher, The ‘just war’ that was illegal and immoral

The Independent
Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, I’m beginning to feel some sympathy for Tony Blair
Editorial: Left and Right square up for a battle over poverty

The New York Times
Paul Krugman, The jobs imperative
Mary Elise Sarotte, Enlarging Nato, expanding confusion

Wall Street Journal
Daniel Schwammenthal, Europe is missing the action in Afghanistan
George Papaconstantinou, The ‘Greek problem’ and economic change

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