Comment Roundup

The Times
Anders Fogh Rasmussen, We will stay until Afghanistan is secure
Anatole Kaletsky, Britain can relax on its bed of nitroglycerine

The Telegraph
Edmund Conway, Davos 2010: How to buy friends and influence people

The Guardian
Phillipe Sands, Goldsmith’s change of mind on Iraq appears a compromise of his independence
Michael Tomasky, Obama is back in the fight

The Washington Post
Editorial: He didn’t say enough
E.J. Dionne, Determined to win

The New York Times
Gail Collins, United we rant
Alan Blinder, The Fed’s best man

The Huffington Post
Sandip Roy, Did Obama kill immigration reform?
Nathan Gardels, China vs the US at Davos

The Daily Caller
Lanny Davis, A bipartisan healthcare bill is still possible

The Wall Street Journal
Tom Gross, Obama misjudges his misjudgement
Con Coughlin, The trial of Tony Blair

The Independent
John Kampfner, And still no one has been held to account for Iraq

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