Comment Roundup

The Times
Anthony Seldon, Iraq is our Watergate. Blair must tell the truth
Richard Dawkins, Hear the rumble of Christian hypocrisy
Hugo Rifkind, iPad? It’s an iThing leading to iFatigue

The Guardian
Martin Kettle, The real problem was Blair’s policy towards America, not Iraq
Hans Blix, Blair’s blind faith in intelligence
Simon Jenkins, Palms, Kindles, Nooks and iPads – none are as cool as Gutenberg’s gadget

The Telegraph
Norman Tebbit, The Iraq war was legal, the bungling of it was criminal

The Independent
Terence Blacker, Pity those who get a bonus
Johann Hari, Washington corruption is smothering US future

The Washington Post
Robert Samuelson, Bernanke’s simple task
Charles Krauthammer, Soft on terror

The Huffington Post
Tamara Holder, Why the terror trials must not be held in the US

The New York Times
Roger Cohen, Exit America

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