Comment Roundup

The New York Times
Paul Krugman, Afflicting the afflicted
Roger Cohen, An eye for an eye
David Brooks, Not as dull as expected

The Guardian
Sahil Kapur, Healthcare summit: political theatre with tired script
Simon Jenkins, The Falklands can no longer remain as Britain’s expensive nuisance

The Times
Hugo Rifkind, I’m not crying for Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner
Antonia Senior, Now Google is Goliath it really must grow up
Paddy Ashdown, A military Rolls Royce, but a political car crash

The Telegraph
Con Coughlin, India and Pakistan must bury the hatchet for the Taliban to be crushed
Jeff Randall, Alistair Darling is a dead man walking

The Independent
Adrian Hamilton, Can we hold our slide to the margins?

The Washington Post
Charles Krauthammer, Toyota and the price of modernity

The Daily Caller
Anchorman, A history of false facts driving the story

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