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From the FT’s comment section:
John Plender: It is time to stop punishing prudence
David Pilling: Google’s tough call on China
Mats Berdal and Nader Mousavizadeh: Resource wealth need no longer be a curse
David Marsh: Reasons to be cheerful about Europe
Robert Pozen: How to design a fair bank tax

Editorial: Greece triggers an EU identity crisis
Editorial: Net diplomacy
Editorial: Malaysia’s shame

Global Insight: Ben Hall, Sarkozy cannot fall out with Merkel
Market Insight: Erik Nielsen, ECB must re-examine its dependence on rating agencies
Notebook: Chris Cook, In defence of Stephen Byers
Lex: The agenda-setting column on business and finance

UK Budget commentary:
Editorial: Fine, if you forget the public finances
Martin Wolf: Mistakes that drained the fiscal reservoir
John Plender: Love affair with the rich is truly dead
Philip Stephens: Darling’s faith-based politics
Jonathan Guthrie: The creditworthy pay for banker-bashing
John Authers: Sterling got lucky, but it is still set for a fall
Nicholas Timmins: Silence on spending is anything but golden

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