Daily Archives: September 7, 2012

John Authers

Mario Draghi has at the very least pulled off a great coup of expectations management. On Thursday he said exactly what everyone expected him to say. Markets had already rallied in hope for more than a month ahead of his announcement. This might usually be the cue for a sell-off, but instead the euro held steady, while peripheral bond and stock markets went to the races.

Spain’s 10-year yield is now below 6 per cent, while the buying opportunity when this risk-on wave started now looks to have been immense. Spanish shares (as measured by the Ibex) are up by a third in the two months, while Eurozone bank stocks (as measured by the FTSE Eurofirst index) have gained more than 50 per cent. I discussed all of this with Jamie Chisholm in the first of the new series of Authers’ Notes:

The larger questions are whether this can continue, and if there is any way to time the risk-on and risk-off waves. Read more

James Mackintosh

The argument for gold is very simple: it is hard money at a time when every other major currency is being watered down by central bank money printing.

On that basis, Europeans should have been panic-buying gold this summer as the European Central Bank prepared its plan to hoover up peripheral country bonds (although it will try to “sterilise” the plan, taking in deposits in some form to keep net money issuance stable, even as its balance sheet expands). Read more