Our new unemployment tracker shows the latest jobs data across the European Union, including top-line figures for each country’s constituent regions. The most recent figures are for September 2014.

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An unmanned privately operated cargo flight to the International Space Station blew up on its US launchpad on Tuesday evening. Most space launches now take place in Russia which overtook the US in the mid-2000s and the number launched in China is catching up as well. China was second to Russia in 2012, having overtaken Europe in 2003.


Women make up 21.8 per cent of the world’s members of parliament. Rwanda tops the world rankings with 63.8 per cent female representation. The UK is in 64th place, 22.6 per cent, and the US is 85th with 18.3 per cent. The European parliament does slightly better: 35.2 per cent of its members are women.


Emily Cadman

Are you a wealth accumulator, making good progress or burdened by debt? New research from think-tank the Smith Institute attempts to put a human face on all those distributional graphs of wealth inequality.

The report, published on Wednesday, calculates that property ownership in the UK, having risen dramatically in the last century, has peaked at 67 per cent of households and is likely to fall to 60 per cent by 2025. Read more >>

US broadband map

FT analysis of new Census Bureau data shows the scale of the task facing the Obama administration Read more >>

After a 13-year long war, UK forces and the US marines ended operations in Afghanistan on Sunday: in total 453 UK citizens lost their lives in the conflict and over 21,000 Afghanis are estimated to have died. The operational cost to the government is thought to be around £19bn. Read more >>