Daily Archives: January 16, 2013

Kate Allen

The number of people at risk of poverty is falling, according to a new Office for National Statistics data analysis. 16.2 per cent of people in the UK were at risk of poverty in 2011, down from 18.7 per cent in 2008.


But wait a second. Is this news really as good as it seems? Read more

Chris Cook

This week, I have written a fair amount about England’s schools, and how well the capital does. I thought that today, I would publish some data that will help explore some finer differences: how well do children do at a borough level?

Below the fold, I have worked out the FT score for each child (a score based on their performance in English, maths and three other GCSEs). I then ran a regression through the data, which predicts performance based on background and by local area.

This is, in effect, a similar exercise to the one in benchmarking school systems, and has all the same caveats. But this time around, the objective is to get a steer on how levels of attainment vary in different boroughs for an individual child of similar social circumstances. Read more