Daily Archives: January 30, 2013

Kate Allen

Today’s census data release offers a fascinating picture of linguistic diversity in England and Wales. In particular, it sheds useful light on London’s population.

The capital city differs strongly from the rest of the country in its demographic profile. But at a more granular level, the city contains some striking contrasts. In fact, in some ways it seems to be two cities, each living on top of, but almost invisible to, the other (a concept that will be familiar to fans of novelist China Mieville). Read more

One million households in England and Wales do not speak English as their main language with Polish the most common foreign tongue, new data from the 2011 census revealed on Wednesday.

The survey also showed married households were in a minority for the first time since records began and that the number of unrelated adults sharing houses has shot up 28 per cent over the decade.

London has by far the largest proportion of non-English speakers with almost one in four adults with a foreign language as their mother tongue. White ethnic Britons are now a minority in London, data released last month showed.All London boroughs apart from the City of London reported more than 100 primary languages.

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